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nSight Driven R1 by RecordsOne R1 Platform: Page Updated 07/27/2016.

Login and Password

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UserID and Password

User IDs are numeric and will be provided by your facility or RecordsOne. A default temporary password will be provided for initial login and the user will then be prompted to set up his/her own password. The minimum password length is eight (8) characters.

RecordsOne will suspend an account after four (4) failed login attempts and will disable an account after 12 failed login attempts.

User IDs expire after 120 days of inactivity (new users are disabled after five days if they have not logged on and set up a new password).

Users are auto-logged out after a default time of 120 minutes (can be configured as low as three minutes, or as much as 1,440 minutes of inactivity based on facility needs).

There are two types of lockout mechanisms.

  1. A user is locked out for 60 seconds after 3 consecutive failed login attempts within 60 seconds (all 3 parameters are configurable).
  2. A user is locked out permanently after 20 consecutive failed login attempts to thwart robotic attacks. A root administrator must then re-enable the user account (# attempts also configurable).

Passwords are unreadable at login and are not stored in the logs nor the database. Forgotten passwords must be reset.

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Signing In

Access the R1 Platform via Google Chrome. Enter the URL (web address) provided by your site administrator.


Enter your User ID (10-digit NPI or as provided by your facility) and password.

Initial Login

* For initial login, a temporary password will be provided. This password expires on first use. User will be prompted to set a new password.

Password must follow the criteria listed below. One example for generating a useable password is to use the first three letters of your first name, the first three letters of your last name, and a number, such as the month of your birth. Example: user John Smith might create a password of JohSmi5.

Password Criteria

Suggestions for choosing a password:

Choosing a Password

Once you have logged in, by default, you will see your personalized Encounters List (Work Pool View).

 Note:  Upon login, a session timer starts. If the user does not interact with the application for the 
 specified timeout (default of 2 hours), a warning message with a countdown will display, and at the 
 end of the countdown the user will be logged out of the application.

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Changing Password

To change your password, click on Preferences, then Change Password.

Change Password

You will be prompted to enter your current password for authorization.

Enter Current Password

Follow the instructions provided onscreen to set new password.

Change Password

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