BayScribe Transcription Portal Overview

This section of documentation covers the use of the BayScribe Transcription Portal. The BayScribe Transcription Portal is a web based application for transcribing dictated text, QA'ing the reports and signing the reports.

Below outlines the topics of this section with a summary of the topics' intended purpose.

Topic Description
Transcription Process Overview Overview of the transcription process within BayScribe
Logging Into the BayScribe Transcription Portal Details of logging into the BayScribe Transcription Portal
Navigating BayScribe Transcription Navigation overview of BayScribe
Listening to Audio Instructions for use of the BayScribe Audio Player
Transcribing Reports Detailed topics for transcribing reports using BayScribe
Productivity Tools Information on a number of tools to increase productivity to its users
Quality Assurance Overview Steps and overview of the quality assurance process
Reviewing and Finalizing Reports Brief overview of authors' process of reviewing and finalizing
Administration Operations Configuring all aspects of your BayScribe environment
Schedule Menu Overview of features available to Schedulers
My Account Overview of user accessible account properties
Windows Helpful Tips Helpful commands for BayScribe users

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